We Need Three Things To Restore USA

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President Reagan and his famous quote

Hi Fellow Americans,

In order to beat and destroy liberalism, the disease, we need basically three things: The attitude, core, and moral compass of Ronald Reagan, the Heritage Foundation, and the knowledge and much else obtained by reading

“Liberty and Tyranny” by Mark Levin Yes it can be that easy. The media have convinced us in addition to the left, that we are too stupid to comprehend basic American principles and too stupid to know how to reclaim our country for ourselves, children and grandchildren and to HONOR THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED AND DO FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHT TO BE FREE.

God has blessed this country and it is our turn to stand up and be counted.


One for the Gipper in Mass

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We all have God given talents. The action call is out for us to use them. The situation in Mass is so unique no hollyweird writer could have ever written this. Ever want a sign that someone from above is still watching us, we the people, and our country, and sending a message?

We all have talents. We need to use them now to help in this campaign. In Virginia, NJ, and NY23 we put the key in the engine of a giant steamroller and started the engine. Now we have to move our “we the people” steamroller and keep going right through the 2010 elections.

There are lists of weak incumbents in this state and that, incumbents who are retiring, etc. In the PAST, for the most part, these elections have stayed local or state and we watch tv on election night.

The Scott Brown election in Mass, like the few I already mentioned are national. “We the People” are now moving on our own. It is a STEAMROLLER. Make no mistake about it.

What happened in NY23 gave a lot of folks hope; an unknown person, totally unknown in the political world, with belief articulated conservative principles. It was very clear and precise what he said and almost won his election.

All of us can do something: contribute in some way; financial, emails, phone calls, twitter, facebook, etc. We have never had as many ways to communicate in recorded history as now. We all need now to do one “for the gipper” and do it in such a way with such an outpouring of support and voice to the principles which created “WE The People” that there is a clear an overwhelming win for Scott Brown. This election is precedent. Also ironic as to which state it is occurring in. No coincidence here about anything.

It is time to get the STEAMROLLER Moving.

Massachusetts Election-My Thoughts

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2010 is coming fast. We have had opportunities to put WINS in the Republican column recently from Virginia to now, Massachusetts. “We The People”  can restore our country and we have taken really big steps in this lead up to 2010.

Regarding the NY23, out of the unknown, came Doug Hoffman, an accountant who looked right at the camera, spoke a conservative message, and said he felt “he had to stand up” and be part of the solution. If some pundits and national figures let him be himself and didn’t foul up something, very local, which didn’t concern them, Doug would have won;in fact I personally think he did win in a heartfelt sense.

Virginia a solid win.

New Jersey and here is a real lesson to be learned, Chris Christie had a fifteen point lead over the incumbent governor. That is virtually impossible in NJ. As soon as he started to speak like a liberal Republican, saying things so everyone would like him, his lead plummeted. Then, the third candidate came in out of the blue. Used some good catch phrases and Christie’s lead fell to “too close to call.”

The real conservative, Steve Lonegan, lost the Republican primary because the “machine appeared not to support him.

Anyway, The pundits and media folks all said NJ was a “tough nut to crack” and no one especially the big smile, always smiling pundits, that don’t have much relation to “we the people” wouldn’t even take a chance with this prediction.

Christie did not get a whole lot of zillions of dollars of financial support. “We the people” did as Mark Levin suggested, the “Paul Revere”: thing and we busted our chops, got out and stirred up everyone and anyone, and elected him with a margin that kept the libs from trying anything.

I remember the slogan, “it’s the economy stupid” and now it is “we the people….”

In  Massachusetts there is a different story because this not only is your election, it is in a sense a national election. Our lives and health may depend on it as well as our country. Remember what happened with Coleman and Franken in that Senatorial election. Ballots kept showing up in strange places. The libs needed that vote to get close to their sixty. Look at what they did and how long it dragged out.

I believe that the key in Massachusetts is to win by such a margin that shenanigans are out of the question.

That means that we all contribute in some way. Whatever your way is. Being a “Paul Revere can be very effective. You would be surprised how many people outside of the state do not know what is going on and can contribute something. Within the state you need the dollars and especially “getting out the information to everyone and anyone.

I wish you God’s Best

America Rising

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This speaks for itself:

An Open Letter to Democrats

Patriotic America Why I love Her you tube John Wayne

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This is the famous “Why I love Her” by John Wayne from youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQM1oLnMLNU

Is Gov’t Health Care Constitutional

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The Wall Street Journal answers this question quite thoroughly. The link is http://bit.ly/8y279C

This is a must read

Health Care 101 Urgent

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America the Beautiful is the last country standing in the transformation to one world government run health care. There are powers at work here that go way way way beyond our legislators that want this passed and signed, NOW, by the way.

Taking over the health care system is the major step which many or most of those countries who “like us” have taken before taking over everything else. Health care is personal. Very personal. The bill is changing all the time and one only can guess what will come out of secret closed door meetings. Millions who are satisfied will lose their coverage. In fact, according to some, after two years in operation most everyone will be forced to choose or have chosen for them at random, one of the gov’t plans.

We will be paying taxes for this three to four years in advance of the “health insurance” actually taking effect. At the same time we will be paying for our current insurance, whether through employment or privately. Paying twice.

Due to the millions to be added to the insurance roles, there will by definition have to be rationing. There are simply right now not enough doctors let alone after 20-40 million are in one lump added to the roles.

Seniors and the elderly will be the hardest hit. A math formula using an arbitrary yearly value of life estimate, in dollars, will be used to determine if you will be eligible for medications, treatment, and other things.

It will be impossible to not ration health care.

Those in the 20-30 year old group, who are mostly healthy, will be forced, that is right, forced to buy health insurance even if they don’t want it and if they don’t want it will be taxed and penalized by guess who?  There is apparently language in one of the bills that calls for criminal penalties against Americans if they don’t buy insurance or pay the alternative tax.

Your personal information that a hospital may have can be shared with other government agencies including the taxing folks.

The goal is to have this entire package irregarless of all the details, signed by the State of Union address this month; about three weeks from now.

There are provisions in this bill, and I watched as Senator DeMint tried to fight this, which will make it impossible for future senates to reverse the legislation. That’s right, they changed the rules that literlly make this permanent.

We are one minute before midnight. As Bob Grant says, “Your influence counts, use it.